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Arlo and the Orca

Another collaborative poem written by Room 8 following the events of Arlo and the Orca, this poem expresses our feelings about sadness, walking in the shoes of Arlo and his mother,  from the book Arlo and the Orca written by Monique Walker.




Cold tears dripping on your face

Water and cold air


Tears running down your face

Like a cold gust of wind

You are no one

Tears dropping out of your eyes

Into the ocean

Salty tears


You’ve had enough

Crying salty tears and sweat

Bitter feeling of guilt depression and regret

Sadness is blue,a raining day

Arlo and the Orca

A collaborative poem written by all of Room 8.This poem expresses our feelings about anger looking through the eyes of Arlo and the Orca by Monique Walker


Anger feels like letting your rage out

A clenched fist

Blood,salty sweat

Growling and yelling

Rough and hot

Like a red face

Anger smells like danger

Like air

Shouting and screaming

Painful and hurtful

Madness and crazy actions of destruction

Like smoke

Burning cold

A fire raging and growing limitlessly

Anger is an emotion we want to show or not

It starts when we get upset about something


This week Monique and Stacey came to class and presented Monique’s book.We learn’t that it’s okay to cry and that life  can be moody and stormy with waves of emotion to remember the sun will always come back and shine.

MHF review Arlo and the Orca | Mental Health Foundation



Room 8 2K22

They have talents and skills,

some are funny and some are not,

they’re too loud, especially me,

interesting chaos,

I’ll miss my other friends in room 8,

they are really amazing and smart,

loving, annoying, funny, mean,

everyone and everything

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